Jewish people’s answer to Holocaust should be growth and prosperity of Jewry – rabbi Lazar

Moscow, May 4, Interfax – The historical answer to the Jewish genocide during the Word War II should be the growth of the population of the Jewish people, Russian Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar said.

“During the Holocaust, six million people were killed. These people died as Jewish. And our task is to live as Jewish. Nazis made all of the efforts to sow the seeds of hatred and kill people, and we should make even more efforts to do good. They were searching for people to kill, and we should search for people to give a start in life! This is the challenge for every person born after the War. We must try our best for the Jewry to prosper. And, may every young Jewish family serve as our answer to those who wanted to destroy our people forever,” the rabbi told young Russian Jews in Oswiecim, who are currently travelling to the destinations of the Jewish genocide.

Lazar recalled the words from the Talmud that, whoever destroys a soul, destroys an entire world, and whoever saves a life, saves an entire world.

“For this reason, we remember those who defeated fascism, and saved our people from a complete depopulation with special gratitude. In the first place, the Red Army soldiers who liberated Auschwitz, and saved the survivors,” Lazar said.

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