Jewish Pervomais’k Celebrates 25 Years of Revival

Dozens of excited community members recently gathered for a historic event marking 25 years since the revival of Jewish life in the Ukrainian town of Pervomais’k in the Mykolaiv district. Dignitaries and government officials, including the city’s Mayor, Mr. Oleg Demchenko, honored the event. In addition, notable figures such as Mr. Michael Yudin and the Chief Rabbi of Mykolaiv, Rabbi Shalom Gottlieb delivered heartfelt speeches.

During the historic event, certificates of recognition were awarded for preserving the Jewish heritage that contributes to the city’s culture. Exhibitions showcasing the community’s history and its development over the years were featured, and the audience was treated to performances by the community’s children. The 75th birthday of community leader Mr. Michael Moshe Shefkin, who has contributed significantly to Jewish pride in all aspects, was also celebrated during the event.

In addition to the city’s devoted mayor, Mr. Tabunshchik Anton, the first deputy chairman of the Mykolaiv City Council, and Mr. Gorbunov Evgeni, chairman of the Specialized Commission of Culture and Spirituality in the Mykolaiv regional council, also attended.

Alongside acknowledging past activities, a variety of current and future plans were presented to the participants: the completion of a Mikvah, built in March amidst the crisis, intended to serve the women of the city and the surrounding region; and the construction of a Jewish community center catering to all the needs of the Jewish community, both materially and spiritually.

The Jewish community in Pervomais’k was revived and founded 25 years ago by Rabbi Shalom Gottlieb, the Chabad emissary and Rabbi of the city and the Mykolaiv district. Several years later, Rabbi Levi Yitzchak and Chana Perlstein arrived in the city to revitalize the Jewish community and establish its educational institutions and Jewish activities. Subsequently, Rabbi David and Shayna Maidanik joined the community and significantly contributed to its expansion.

The activities initially began in a single room that temporarily served as a synagogue, an office, and the community orchestra, “Mazal Tov.” Over time, they expanded and rented a building where the synagogue operates, alongside a kosher kitchen, Torah classes for women and men, children’s activities, and holidays throughout the Jewish calendar. Additionally, the community grants humanitarian aid to the needy, providing food, clothing, and medicine.

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