Jewish Pride: The ‘Darkeinu Olympics’ second annual Jewish heritage quiz

After its remarkable success in 2013-14 the ‘Darkeinu Olympics’ Jewish heritage quiz returns for a second round with over 1400 pupils from the FJC’s ‘Or Avner’ network of Jewish school in the FSU attending the first stage – a written test on selected chapters from the ‘Darkeinu’ learning program.  

Hundreds of exams have already been graded, showing excellent results that indicate the comprehensive and wide knowledge in Jewish heritage of the thousands of participants. The highest-ranking competitors in each school will be invited to participate in the second stage that will also consist of a written test that will take place simultaneously throughout the entire network.

Winners of the second stage will be invited to the final and third stage that will take place in Israel and include a written test, submitting a final paper and a public quiz. The winners will also enjoy a tour of the most exciting sites in Israel.

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