Jewish Relief Network Ukraine Working Closely With Chabad Rabbis to Provide Humanitarian Aid

JRNU, the Federation of Jewish Communities’ operational arm in Ukraine, ensures Ukrainian Jews receive food, medicine, housing, programs for children and more.

The Jewish Relief Network Ukraine (JRNU) is working to provide support to more than 30,000 people throughout Ukraine, despite the worsening conditions.

The New York-based nonprofit organization is working closely with more than 150 Chabad rabbis and Jewish communities across Ukraine to provide humanitarian aid in the regions under active attacks.

“The Chabad rabbi at the helm of the organization, Shlomi Peles, has 30 years of experience and knows precisely how to address the needs of the people efficiently and effectively,” the organization states.

“Rabbi Peles has dedicated his life to helping and caring for the people of Ukraine, from Holocaust survivors to young children in orphanages and everyone in between.”

Working with the network of Chabad rabbis in Ukraine and around the world, JRNU ensures Ukrainian Jews receive food, medicine, housing, programs for children and more.

JRNU has two hotlines located in Israel that field more than 100 new requests daily regarding grocery store certificates, hot meals, medical treatment, emergency transportation and evacuation assistance.

The needs of the Ukrainian people are critical. JRNU remains focused on saving lives by providing nearly 40,000 hot meals, 30,000 food parcels and 20,000 food certificates. Its medical program is providing assistance to more than 6,500 people in need of urgent care and it fills more than 4,000 prescriptions monthly.

While JRNU continues to work to provide the needs of the people in Ukraine, it is planning for the winter season that comes early and is severe. The nonprofit says it expects an increased need for fuel for warmth, coats and additional medical care for the inevitable illnesses.

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Based on an article by Rachel Sweet | The Detroit Jewish News

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