JRNU Partners with RestoringVision to Bring 50,000 Pairs of Glasses to the People of Ukraine

The Jewish Relief Network Ukraine (JRNU), FJC’s humanitarian arm in Ukraine,  is proud to announce a new partnership with RestoringVision, a leading global optical nonprofit that “empowers lives by restoring vision for millions of people in need.” The organization is donating 50,000 pairs of eyeglasses to the people of Ukraine.

JRNU’s network of more than 150 Chabad rabbis and Jewish communities, professional staff, and volunteers will ensure these glasses are provided to Ukrainians in need, quickly and efficiently.

“We are pleased to join RestoringVision’s network of 2,500 NGOs and governments working to create “a world where everyone who needs glasses has them,” and we appreciate their joining our efforts to ensure no one is left behind in Ukraine,” JRNU explains “As we continue to support more than 30,000 Ukrainians each month with food, medicine, medical care and housing, we are always looking to partner with reputable humanitarian organizations, like RestoringVision, that share our commitment to integrity and transparency.”

“RestoringVision is proud to partner with Jewish Relief Network Ukraine to serve refugees of the war on Ukraine with the eyeglasses they need to see clearly, ensuring that they can navigate this crisis with one less significant obstacle in their way. At the onset of the crisis, Ukrainians fled their homes and sought safety, many leaving so quickly that they took little to no belongings with them, often forgetting their eyeglasses at home. By providing clear vision for those displaced in and around Ukraine, I am proud to share that RestoringVision and partners like Jewish Relief Network are providing critical support for refugees, bringing hope into focus for so many,” said Pelin Munis, Ph.D., Executive Director of RestoringVision.

The JRNU remains hopeful that the situation will end soon, and people will be able to return to their homes to rebuild their communities and restore their lives.  In the meantime, it continues to provide humanitarian relief of all kinds, now including eyeglasses:

“The suffering among the people of Ukraine is immense.  Our job to provide support for daily living and maintain hope for the future is made easier by the generous support of organizations such as RestoringVision and others who have not forgotten the people of Ukraine. No donation is too big or too small; the grocery store voucher to feed a family of 4 or the prescription medicine for the elderly shut in can make the difference between life and death. We hope that others will be inspired by, and follow the lead of RestoringVision and support the work of JRNU to save lives every day,” said Judi Garrett, Chief Operating Officer of Jewish Relief Network Ukraine.

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