Just on time: ‘Taste of Life’ expands to new cities

Exactly when needed most, ‘Taste of Life’, FJC’s humanitarian aid project has expanded to two new cities in Ukraine: Chernivtsi, located in Western Ukraine, and the capital city Kyiv. ‘Taste of Life’ serves thousands of needy Jewish families with children across Ukraine and other regions in the FSU.

The project, generously supported by the IFCJ and donors from across the globe, reaches out to families with children in distress – in both large cities with Jewish communities and distant and remote villages – and makes sure they have sufficient food and clothing. In addition, the project connects the families to Jewish life and offers them a large range of educational, communal, humanitarian and cultural opportunities.

In usual times, the project’s coordinators visit the children’s homes regularly and distribute special vouchers to the families with which they can purchase food and basic necessities in chosen supermarkets. Currently, due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus epidemic, the families receive electronic vouchers via email or directly to their phones with which they can make the purchase, thereby reducing the risk of exposure. Families in distant villages without supermarkets, who usually receive food parcels, will continue receiving them by delivery.  

The expansion comes at a critical time, when thousands upon thousands of poverty stricken families have taken yet another blow and lost their sources of income, on the eve of Passover. The project aims to do all that it can to continue and even expand the assistance it provides, along with providing emotional and psychological support.

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