Kazan Chief Rabbi Receives Prestigious Award

Over a hundred and fifty members of the Jewish community in Kazan, Russia, gathered to celebrate the fiftieth birthday of the city’s Chief Rabbi and Chabad emissary, Rabbi Yitzchak Gorelik. The city’s mayor, Mr. Ilsur Metshin, presented the rabbi with a prestigious token of honor in recognition of his many years of dedication to the city of Kazan and its residents.

During the event, a special program was presented, taking the participants through the life of Rabbi Gorelik and his work in the city and surrounding region for the benefit of the local Jewish community.

Alongside many guests who had also come from the capital city, Moscow, young David Yeshayahu Valadarsky, a native of Kazan, arrived with his father, Rabbi Yitzchak, and his grandfather, Rabbi Nissan Bayer, and presented the rabbi with an original gift: the completion of a Talmudic tractate.

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