Kherson: Two Neo-Nazis Detained by Police

Following the arson attempt on Kherson’s JCC and Grand Synagogue, the local police announced yesterday that it had arrested two neo-Nazi youngsters, aged 19 and 20. The two admitted their involvement in the attempt and explained that their actions were intended as a gift to the despised Fuhrer of Nazi Germany on his birthday. Symbolically, the arrest took place on May 9th, celebrated across the FSU as ‘Victory Day’ over the Nazis.

On April 20th, we reported that at 2:45 am, two unknown youngsters approached the Grand Synagogue and JCC of Kherson, Ukraine, and attempted to set it on fire with two Molotov cocktails. These immediately ignited, but were quickly extinguished without harming the interior of the building.

The community’s Rabbi Yosef Wolff informed the local police and security services who opened an investigation in an attempt to arrest the offenders. The entire event was caught on tape by the security cameras. “I see this as a very rare and unexpected event. I have served as Rabbi of this city for over two decades and have not experienced anything of this sort,” said Rabbi Wolff back then.

Today he adds: “The Jewish community is happy that the two criminals were caught and will be punished. A heavy burden has been lifted from our hearts; this is an important message for all Ukrainian Jewry.”

Photos: Kherson Police

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