Kislev 19th Celebrated in the Cradle of Chassidism

Hundreds of festive events and Chassidic gatherings in honor of Kislev 19 – the ‘New Year’ of Chassidism and the day the founder of the Chabad dynasty, Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi, was released from prison in Czarist Russia – were celebrated across the former Soviet Union, in the very same countries where the Chassidic movement was established and began its historic impact on the Jewish nation.

Mass events, attended by thousands, were held in Moscow and Petersburg, Kiev and Odessa, and in hundreds of other large and small cities in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and additional FSU countries. The events were dedicated to the special impact Chassidism in general and Chabad Chassidism in particular, established within the borders of the Russian empire, have had on Judaism and the Jews of our generation.

Rabbis and lecturers traveled across the land to participate in the events, and celebrate this unique Chassidic festival with the masses. The events included inspirational and lively chassidic music and dancing, along with L’chaim and refreshments. The participants were encouraged to adopt good resolutions and attend new and exciting Torah and tradition classes to strengthen their connection and commitment to their roots and nation.


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