Kislovodsk: New Torah Scroll Inaugurated at Special Event

Hundreds of members from the local Jewish community, along with guests from the surrounding Stavropol Krai region, tourists, and businessmen, gathered for a remarkable inauguration ceremony in the charming spa city of Kislovodsk, situated in southwestern Russia.

The festive occasion, graced by distinguished guests including Chief Rabbi Menachem Lazar of Krasnodar and Rabbi Yitzchak Kogan of Moscow’s Bolshaya Bronnaya synagogue, was led by local activist Rabbi Akiva Avshalom Chodinitov.

Following the completion of the writing of the Sefer Torah in the city’s synagogue, the celebration spilled onto the streets with a traditional parade and lively dancing. The joyous festivities culminated with a joyous meal for all the guests back at the synagogue.

This new Torah Scroll dedication was made possible through the generous support of local Jewish philanthropists and businessmen.

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