Krasnaya Sloboda: First Kosher restaurant opens in historic village

The idea of a Jewish shtetl or village was all but destroyed during the holocaust and the rise of soviet communism. However, in a mountainous region in Azerbaijan, there is a small unique and intriguing Jewish settlement remaining.  A place that remains untouched by the world around it.

It is called Qırmızı Qəsəbə and it is in the city of Quba. 

The area is obviously a very interesting tourist attraction, particularly for Israeli and Jewish travelers. Those who visit hear a language particular to Jews in that region named Judeo-Tat or Juhuri and see a community who are a picture of idyllic living without the influence or disturbance of world events and trends. 

The area was originally called Yevreiskaya Sloboda [Jewish settlement], but during the communist era, the name of the shtetl was changed to Krasnaya Sloboda [red settlement], because of the color of the roofs of the houses, which is red.

The local Rabbi, Rabbi Yonah Jacobi, happily announced that the community has opened a strictly kosher restaurant that will serve authentic Jewish – Caucasian dishes to locals and visitors. Now visitors can taste the flavors of the region while they observe a way of life that has been preserved for generations.

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