Krasnodar Jewish Educational Center Aims for Excellence

After a period of extensive renovations, FJC’s “Or Avner” Jewish kindergarten and daycare center in the Russian city of Krasnodar, reopened in a joyful ceremony marking the institution’s commitment to devoted and excellent education.

Together with their parents, dozens of toddlers and young children recently participated in a special inauguration ceremony at the newly refurbished educational compound. The event included live music, close acquaintance with the educational staff, the affixing of a mezuza on the main door, and words of wisdom and gratitude by the city’s Chief Rabbi Menachem Lazar.

“The most important thing,” says Rabbi Lazar, “is Jewish education. Nothing is more important in order to ensure Jewish continuity for the next generations and a meaningful and purposeful life for both parents and students.”

“We have made sure,” he concluded, “that our newly renovated center will be able to best serve this purpose, and give the parents the peace of mind they deserve, knowing their children are receiving the best education possible.”

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