Krivoy-Rog: New Torah Scroll Inaugurated in Central Ukrainian City

Despite the current tragic situation, more than 200 Jewish community members from the Ukrainian city of Krivoy-Rog in the Dnepropetrovsk region celebrated an especially exciting torah scroll inauguration in the city’s central synagogue. “Our spirits will forever be free ” Rabbi Liron Edrei, the city’s rabbi, stated during the event.

Krivoy-Rog is the largest center of the steel industry in Eastern Europe with a population of close to 650,000 people, including many thousands of Jews. The torah scroll was inaugurated into the city’s Stern Shulman Synagogue, despite the situation and the fear that some would hesitate to leave the (relative) safety of their homes.

Rabbi Liron Edri, the city’s chief rabbi, who remained in the city together with the members of his community, stated that “The Torah Scroll is dedicated to the security and protection of the region, its residents, and for peace in Ukraine. In spite of everything, our spirits will forever be free.”

Rabbi Meir Stambler, Chairman of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Ukraine, said: “The Jewish communities continue their ongoing activities as far as possible, such as this festive event, in the hope that we will celebrate the upcoming festival of Passover in Jerusalem.”

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