Kyiv: Diplomats Celebrate Tu Bishvat at Jewish Community Center

An impressive and distinguished delegation of diplomats from Europe, Israel, and the United States, attended last week Tu Bishvat celebrations at the recently opened JCC in the center of the Ukrainian capital. The event, held by the city’s Chief Rabbi in collaboration with JNN Ukraine, included the planting of trees, words of wisdom and blessing, and the traditional tasting of fresh and dried fruits.

The Jewish holiday of Tu Bishvat, also known as the New Year of the Trees, serves as an important opportunity to emphasize the importance of agriculture, the land of Israel, and the strengthening of one’s roots in Jewish heritage and culture.

The event hosted by the city’s Chief Rabbi, Yonathan Markovitch and supported by the President of the Ukrainian branch of the Jewish National Foundation Mr. Andrei Zaki, was attended by the representatives of seven important countries, including the ambassadors to Ukraine, Mr. Michael Brodsky of Israel, Mrs. Melinda Simmons of Great Britain, and Mrs. Anica Djamic of Croatia.

Also in attendance were the deputy ambassadors of the United States, Mr. Alan Purcell and Mr. Alvaro Borghi of Switzerland, the deputy head of the EU Mission in Ukraine Renee Duplo, the former Prime Minister of Ukraine Mr. Anatoly Kinah, the head of the Goloseev District Administration Mr. Sergey Sadovoy, the Honorary Consul of Israel in Western Ukraine Mr. Oleg Vishnyakov, and others.

Together with the Chief Rabbi of Kyiv Yonathan Markovitch and members of the Council of Trustees of the community, the guests planted trees representing the different countries and encouraging peace and unity. Thereafter, they enjoyed a tour of the JCC, words of wisdom about the holiday’s inner meaning, and were treated to the traditional fruits.

In addition, the community held a festive family event for its local members and another event for Israeli’s residing in Kyiv, that was also attended by Israeli dignitaries and leaders of the JNF.

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