Magnificent New Mikva Opens in Moscow’s Rostokino Neighborhood

In a modest yet impressive ceremony, a new mikva was officially opened last week in the Rostokino neighborhood by Russia’s Chief Rabbi, Berel Lazar, who founded the ‘Beit Chaya’ Jewish Children’s Home nearly 20 years ago.

Photos: Levi Nazarov

The “Beit Chaya Campus” which spans several buildings is not only a Jewish Children’s Home. It is also a Jewish Community Center and Chabad House with regular activities and events for all its Jewish neighbors in the Rostokino neighborhood. As the community grew and expanded, the need arose to build a mikva that would also serve the neighboring communities.

The campus director, Rabbi Menachem Gol undertook this project and recruited philanthropists Mr. Yehuda Davidov and Mr. Reuven Simionov, as well as additional donors. Slowly the dream turned into reality, until its recent splendid completion.

The mikvah was built with the guidance of Rabbi Shmuel Levin, who specializes in the planning and building of mikvas, and is under the supervision of Russia’s Chief Rabbinate by Secretary Rabbi Zalman Shimon Deren.

In a modest yet impressive ceremony, the mikva was officially opened last week by Russia’s Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar who founded the Jewish Children’s Home nearly 20 years ago. It has since merited to save many Jewish children, raising them with love and care, and guiding them in building their own warm Jewish families. Some of the Home’s graduates serve as activists and Rabbis in Jewish communities throughout the FSU.

The mikva was named “Mikva Shoshana” in loving memory of Mrs. Shoshana Zissel Spalter of blessed memory, who passed away suddenly about 5 years ago. Together with her husband, Rabbi Tzvi Arye, they merited to visit the Children’s Home several times when they came to their daughter, Mrs. Shlomit Gol, who is the wife of Rabbi Menachem Gol, the dedicated director of the Home. Rabbi Tzvi Arye of blessed memory was a professional architect who specialized in building mikvas.

After the speeches and gifts of appreciation in the main hall, the guests were invited to tour the mikvah, which also include a convenient mikvah for dishes. The guests were very impressed with the beauty and attention to detail invested for the benefit of all the mikva’s guests, ensuring that each one will have the best experience.

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