Making Judaism accessible in Russian

For many of us living in this day and age, we do not open a book or visit a library to find information. The internet, google, youtube and other quick and accessible information sources are our number one go-to when it comes to figuring things out.  For the Jewish communities across the FSU, who until just a few short decades ago, were completely cut off from any connection to their history or traditions, information about basic Judaism is an absolute necessity. Many of these Jews do not speak or read Hebrew. 

The Yahaduton website is dedicated to making Judaism accessible by providing informational video clips in various languages. These clips are being produced in Russian as well thanks to Yahaduton working closely with the FJC, who constantly strives to provide Russian Jewry with material and spiritual support. 

The newest video clip is all about Brit Milah [circumcision]. The Mohel [Rabbi who performs circumcisions] is one of the Rabbi of the Jewish community in Bryansk, Russia and one of the well known Mohels in Russia. 

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