Mariupol Mayor Holds Holocaust Exhibition in Ancient Choral Synagogue

A unique exhibition, commemorating 80 years since the Holocaust in Ukraine, was displayed in the remnants of the ancient Choral Synagogue of the East Ukrainian city of Mariupol by its local municipality and Mayor, Mr. Boichenko Vadym. Hundreds of residents visited the exhibits, and learned of the Mayor’s historic plans to reconstruct the brick synagogue dating back to 1882.

The impressive exhibition, initiated by the city’s municipality in collaboration with the Jewish community headed by Rabbi Mendel Cohen, includes special light effects, chimneys to illustrate the horrific furnaces, a ‘Yad Vashem’ list with the names of 6,000 Jews from the city (out of 16,000) who were brutally murdered during the Holocaust, photos and descriptions of local residents who were recognized as ‘Righteous Among the Nations” for saving Jews during the war, an authentic diary by a local Jew named Sara Gleichel describing how the city was conquered on the 8th of October and the Jews of the community were gathered together before being transferred and executed in Babi Yar. In addition, original works of art, and historical photos of the city’s Jews, synagogues and institutions before the war are displayed.

“The entire exhibit was funded and constructed by our dear and beloved Mayor, who sees great importance in commemorating the victims of the Holocaust and fighting anti-semitism,” says Rabbi Cohen. “The extremely emotional and impressive exhibit is placed in the remnants of the ancient Choral Synagogue which, I am happy to announce, will be reconstructed by the city’s municipality and handed over to the Jewish community to direct and preserve once it is completed.”

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