Mariupol Opens New Educational Center

A new educational center was opened this year by the Jewish community of Mariupol, East Ukraine to serve the needs of the city’s Jewish children.

In recent years, Mariupol has absorbed hundreds of East Ukraine Jewish refugees and therefore providing modern educational facilities is especially important to the community.

The new center is a spacious modern campus that now houses the community’s kindergarten and after-school and Sunday educational programs: Smart-J and JFuture.

There are two brand new classrooms and a large common area for the projects’ use: robotics and art classes, English studies, computer courses, tradition learning, and other subjects.

“The new center provides a welcoming space for our children to come to after school or on their day off to study, have fun, connect with each other and the community and overall be enriched in many ways that wouldn’t be otherwise possible,” said Rabbi Cohen of Mariupol.

JFuture is a parent-child educational program – supported by the EAJC – that runs on Sundays and provides enrichment on Jewish heritage and creative disciplines with the use of cutting-edge technologies, lego-modeling, and latest teaching techniques. Smart-J is an after-school informal education program – supported by the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs – that provides learning in various subjects and caters to many different ages and points of interest.  

“We see a lot of enthusiasm in our community in regards to these programs – classes are already running, while many new people are continuing to come in to find out more and our new educational center has the potential to welcome everyone,” Rabbi Cohen said.

The new center was opened by the community with the help of FJC and donors worldwide.


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