Mega Purim Raises 250 Gifts for Needy FSU Families

Over 250 Purim presents for disadvantaged families were raised and sent in Ukraine during the FJC’s Darkeinu MegaPurim contest. 

Overall, almost 700 kids from 10 countries participated in the contest’s daily trivia quiz and Purim costume competition. Every ten correct answers provided a Purim present for LifeChanger FSU families, sponsored by the Taste Of Life initiative while packed and delivered by EnerJew Jewish youth movement’s activists.

Darkeinu, the unique FSU Jewish studies curriculum, has been running themed Mega contests ahead of every Jewish holiday for almost three years now. “We see that our contests help create a special holiday atmosphere, bring a sense of pride and belonging to Jewish kids dispersed throughout the FSU region and connect them to the Jewish community at large,” said Mrs. Sarah Vernick, director of informal education programs at Darkeinu. 

Over the last few contests, Darkeinu has been continuously cooperating with partner programs and projects. “The cooperation with other Jewish projects brings even more depth and meaning into the contests. Our children are not only participating and winning prizes for themselves – they are helping other Jewish children, which fosters a sense of responsibility and maturity,” Mrs. Vernick said.


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