Menorah’s Light Shines On in the ‘Valley of Death’ | Video

The Jewish flame can never be extinguished: 95-year-old Isaac Abramovich’s grandfather was murdered by the Nazis in the Valley of Death in Rostov, Russia; today, Rabbi Chaim Danzinger lit a Menorah in his memory at the very same place.

Rabbi Chaim Danzinger, Chief Rabbi of Rostov, Russia, recently met 95-year-old Isaac Abramovich.

Abramovich emotionally related that when he was a child, his grandfather Solomon would kindle the Menorah with him.

But then, his grandfather was killed by the Nazis at Zmiyovskaya Balka – “the valley of death” – the Rostov site of the worst massacre by the Nazis during the Holocaust in Russia where over 27,000 were killed.

And there was no longer anyone to light the menorah with him.

Rabbi Danzinger told Isaac: “We will go and light the menorah this year, in honor of your grandfather Solomon, at Zmiyovskaya Balka.”

Rabbi Danzinger was joined by members of his congregation, and they lit the Menorah’s 8 flames on the 8th night of Chanukah, filling the night sky with the light and warmth of the Jewish spirit, which can never be extinguished.

“A little light dispels a lot of darkness,” Rabbi Danzinger said. “Tonight, our light continues to shine brightly, and the story of Chanukah continues…Am Yisrael Chai.”



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