Mobile Synagogues Promote ‘Peace and Understanding’ in Russia

This summer saw the sixth annual expedition of FJC’s rabbinical student enthusiasts on mobile synagogues, or “Mitzvah-mobiles” as they are called, across Russia. This year Jewish trailers visited over 30 cities in the heart of Russia, among them Tula, Lipetsk, Kursk, Orel, Briansk, Smolensk and many more.

“It is very nice to see the growing interest with which local Jewish residents greet the expeditions, “ said FJC of Russia president Alexander Boroda upon the travelers return to Moscow. “I am certain that mitzvah-mobile expeditions accomplish an important mission – they liven up community life, meet with a variety of people of all ages, and often spark interest and curiosity in those who would otherwise not come to a Jewish event.”

In every city, the expedition would visit local communities and charity centers, meet with city residents, visit the elderly and overall try to brighten the mood and enlighten anyone they meet. The expedition consisted of a group of enthusiastic Jewish students studying for rabbinical degrees in Moscow. “We hope that these expeditions also serve to promote open and friendly relationships between Jewish communities and the general population, as they break stigmas and make personal connections,” Mr. Boroda added.


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