Moscow Jewish College Opens Doors to New Students

Machon Chomesh in Moscow, FJC’s Jewish Institute for women, hosted an open house seminar last week, welcoming potential students from all over Russia, from Birobidjan to Yekaterinburg. The Institute holds a unique place among the country’s higher education institutions offering high-quality professional education together with a homey Jewish atmosphere of spiritual growth and personal attention.

This summer the Institute’s facilities and dormitories were thoroughly renovated, thanks to generous support of Mr. David Aminov, one of the Institute’s sponsors, and the open house orientations took place in bright and spacious new classrooms and auditoriums.

The group met with the Institute’s educators and lecturers, learning about all the available educational opportunities at Machon Chamesh and getting time to ask the many questions that worry parents of the future students and the students themselves. The institute offers bachelor and master degrees in economics, finance, accounting, marketing, psychology and more, while its personal approach, small groups, and tight-knit social life provide for a college experience that students say “nurtures”, “fosters growth” and “creates friendships of a lifetime.”

“The Machon is not only a place where I got an excellent education, which allowed me to find a great job in the field of my choice, but it’s also a home that holds a special place in my heart,” said Yelena, one of the Institute’s graduates, speaking at the orientation.



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