Nazi Stolen Synagogue to be Restored to its Former Glory

Before the devastation of the Holocaust, the city of Brest [Brisk], Belarus, was a vibrant Jewish center. There were many Jewish businesses, shops, synagogues, schools and famous Yeshiva’s. It was the Jewish epicenter of Lithuania and White Russia.

The Holocaust left it in ruins, with 19 survivors from the many thousands that had lived there.

The Nazi’s destoryed or ‘repurposed’ many of the synagogues and Jewish infrastructure.

One of the buildings that the Nazi’s stole from the Jews was the beautiful Hekdesh Shul [synagogue] that was built in 1886.

The Jewish community of Brest numbers at over 1500 people now and the Jewish spirit has returned to the city. There is an active synagogue, preschool, primary school, adult Jewish education programs and much more.

The Jewish community has now gained a rare opportunity to reclaime the Hekdesh Shul and revived it to its former glory if it manages to raise the missing funds. After succeeding, it won’t take long until the historic synagogue will be ready to open its doors.

The Dhul is planned to host many of the community’s growing projects and, a monument commemorating the holy souls who perished in the fires of the Holocaust.

It is a proud moment for the community of Brest, and a joyous moment for worldwide Jewry. It is a testament to the perseverance of the Jewish nation, which, although many have tried over the years, can never be extinguished.

To join the community’s effort to reclaim the ‘Hekdesh Shul’ click here.


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