New Holocaust Memorial Inaugurated in Vinnytsia

Dozens of guests and local Jewish community members arrived  Tuesday morning at the old Jewish cemetery of Vinnytsia, Ukraine, to attend the historic inauguration of a new Holocaust Monument commemorating the Jews of Vinnytsia who were brutally murdered at the hands of the German Nazis between 1941-1944. 

After the unveiling of the monument, the ceremony continued with the traditional reciting of the ‘Kel Malai Rachamim’ and Kaddish prayers, and six lamps were lit – symbolizing the six million Jews murdered during the Holocaust.

In addition to the community’s members, the event was also attended by representatives of Jewish organizations from Vinnytsia and the surrounding region, the Rabbinical Center of Europe and Agudat Ohalei Tzadikim. The Chief Rabbi of Zhytomyr and Western Ukraine, Rabbi Shlomo Wilhelm, along with the Chief Rabbi of Vinnytsia and the region, Rabbi Shaul Horowitz, addressed the audience with words of wisdom and comfort.


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