New Jewish Teen Club Inaugurated in Kyiv

During the visit of the delegation of the Israeli Ministry of Diaspora Affairs, led by CEO Avi Cohen-Scali, a new Jewish teen club, operating in the ‘Simcha Chabad’ School in Kyiv, was inaugurated in a special and heartwarming event. 

The delegation’s visit and meetings, hosted by the ‘Simcha Chabad’ operating under the leadership of Rabbi Levenharz and his wife Devorah Leah Levenhartz, provided an opportunity to inaugurate the new ‘SmartJ’ Club, part of a network of educational institutions that operate across the former Soviet Union.

The clubs are a collaboration between the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS, the Ohr Avner Foundation, and the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs. They are intended for Jewish children attending public schools.

“It enables them to enrich their knowledge with a wide range of subjects, including Jewish studies, in addition to their regular curriculum,” says Mrs. Levenharz, who directs the Kyiv branch.

During an emotional speech at the housewarming ceremony, Mr. Cohen-Scali stated, “The Lubavitcher Rebbe saved the Jewish people. I simply see it with my own eyes, under my hat as the CEO of the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs.”

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