New Torah Scroll is Welcomed in Krasnoyarsk, Russia

The holiday of Lag BaOmer was particularly joyous in Krasnoyarsk, Russia this past Thursday. The Jewish community welcomed a new Torah scroll into their synagogue, marking the 30th anniversary of Jewish revival in their city.

The Torah, which was donated generously by the distinguished Yuri Davidovich Zelvensky and his friends, was carried through the streets of the city surrounded by singing, dancing, music and celebrations.

The community accompanied their new Torah scroll into the synagogue, where the celebrations continued. Shlomo Nizin, an Israeli singer and musician, filled the room with music. Children from the Jewish kindergarten performed a play based on the story of Rabbi Akiva and his devoted wife, Rachel. The entire community, young and old, danced along, feeling true joy at this monumental occasion for their community.

Several Rabbi’s from neighboring communities were guests at the event: Rabbi Aaron Wagner from Irkutsk, Rabbi Levi Kaminetsky from Tomsk, Rabbi Zalman Zaklas from Novosibirsk and Rabbi Shaul Bruk from Petersburg, who also helped organize the event.

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