New Wing opens in Jewish Children’s Home in Moscow

The grand opening and mezuzah affixing ceremony and dedication of the large, new wing of the Children’s Home in Moscow was celebrated with great joy, led by the Chief Rabbi of Russia, Rabbi Berel Lazar.

The attendees included the President of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Russia, Rabbi Alexander Boroda, the donors, the general director of Moscow’s educational institutions, Rabbi Yossi Lipsker, the principals, students, and many other guests. There was not one dry eye in the crowd as they took part in this monumental event.

The economic state in Russia has left a tremendous amount of children homeless, orphaned, or with parents who are alcoholics, abusive or simply incapable of taking care of them. Many of these children spent some of their childhood years cold, hungry, afraid, lonely and without the basic emotional, physical, and educational care that a healthy child needs to thrive.

The Jewish Children’s Home is a warm and loving environment for so many of these poor children. Under the fatherly love and guidance of Rabbi Menachem Gol and his family, the children are given a warm home, emotional and physical nourishment, and a wholesome education.

The amount of children that need a home has grown tremendously and the Children’s Home was becoming very crowded. Therefore, two years ago, through tremendous determination and effort, construction began on an extension of the Home, doubling the space.

It was a very happy day when the new wing opened. The Children’s Home, which is located in Northern Moscow amongst greenery and nature, is now able to accommodate double the amount of children.

The directors have had the pleasure of seeing many children enter the home and thrive within its nurturing walls. There have been dozens of ‘graduates’ from the home that have gone on to build healthy and meaningful lives. The new accommodations are a beacon of hope for so many children that now have a chance at a better, happier childhood.


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