Nineteen New Rabbis Ordained in Moscow

Nineteen rabbinical students graduated from the High Torah Yeshiva Academy in Moscow last week. The new graduates will now be able to serve Jewish communities in dozens of cities throughout Russia and the FSU as rabbis and community leaders.

The students received their rabbinical ordinations after years of study and final examinations in a moving ceremony at the Yeshiva, attended by prominent rabbis from Israel and Russia.

“The role of a rabbi in FSU Jewish communities is not limited to only matters pertaining to Jewish law, such as kashrut, marriage or divorce – the rabbi is also the center of social life of the community- helping with youth programs and activities for the entire family, holiday preparations and social welfare. He makes sure no Jew is left behind in his area, be it large or small,” said Daniel Gordon, FJC outreach coordinator. “Therefore this ‘job’ is pivotal in reviving Jewish life in the region.”

A part of the graduates will begin working in smaller cities, some of which had not had a rabbi before, while others will join already established communities, helping with specific projects or activities.

The Yeshivas is under the leadership of Rabbi Mendel Goldberg, and head of the Rabbinical program is Rabbi Dovid Rozenzweig.

Photos: Levi Nazarov


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