No Jew Will be Left Behind: FSU’s Leading Jewish Organizations Convene in Tzfat

A unique seminar took place last month in Tzfat for the leaders and CEOs of FSU’s leading Jewish humanitarian and informal education organizations and initiatives. These organizations are active across the former Soviet Union in dozens of cities and regions under the auspices of the Federation of Jewish Communities (FJC) and in collaboration with the Jewish Relief Network Ukraine (JRNU).

The participating organizations included the humanitarian relief organizations LifeChanger and ForLife, and the formal and informal Jewish educational projects Darkeinu, EnerJew, SmartJ, and Jfuture.

The participants discussed how to expand, deepen and empower the activities, in response to and despite the current situation and the rapid changes and diverse challenges. In addition, they focused on methods and tactics to reach out to new target audiences and to empower the Jewish communities and provide for every Jewish family in the FSU.

“A special session,” says Rabbi Chaim Friedman, who organized and headed the event “was dedicated to the effects of artificial intelligence on our humanitarian and educational activity, and how it can contribute to expanding and attaining better achievements. With the goal of ‘No Jew Will be Left Behind’ in mind, we also explored how to improve our marketing and make sure every Jew can connect to his roots and people.”

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