Odessa Jewish University Celebrates 14th Graduation

Graduating students, distinguished guests, family and community members participated last week in a festive event, marking 14 years of academic and educational success at Odessa’s unique Jewish university. Diplomas with distinction and excellence were awarded to four Bachelor and two Master degree graduates for their achievements.

Mr. Naum Malamut, Vice-Rector of the Chabad-Odessa South Ukrainian Jewish University, explains the institution’s uniqueness: “Our Jewish University cooperates with six universities of the city of Odessa, with which we have signed agreements. Our university combines Jewish studies on campus and studies in different specialties at different faculties. A Jewish student wanting to study any specific specialty can study with us. We will sign an agreement with the relevant university and the student will be able to combine his specialty with Jewish studies without any difficulties.”

Rabbi Fishel Chychelnitsky, Dean of the Jewish University, adds: “Our university is like a warm family. We provide four nutritious kosher meals a day, a comfortable dormitory and are always here for the students.”

“In these 14 years,” he concluded, “about 180 students have graduated from the University and, this year, out of six graduates we have five who graduated with distinction!”

At the ceremony, some of the graduates expressed their appreciation. Oleg Zolotikh, a 4th-year student, said: “I have been receiving Jewish education since school, since 6th grade. I chose this university because of its unique teaching system; there are much fewer students here than in ordinary universities, and our classes are more like private lessons.”

“In addition to the standard subjects, we also have Jewish subjects such as Jewish History and Philosophy, Torah and Hebrew.” Rivka Bendecka from the Faculty of Management and Administration comments, “It is a wonderful symbiosis of modern academic subjects and our traditions and commandments. The result is cool, beautiful, and interesting.”

Currently, the Jewish University enables its students to combine their Jewish studies with Finance and Banking, Management, Accounting and Information Technology, Economics and Enterprise Management, International Economics, Civil and Economic Justice, Cybersecurity, Marketing and Logistics, Innovative Technologies and Hospitality Business, Computer Systems, and Automation, Art and Graphics, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology and Philology.

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