Odessa Women Come Together for Huge Challah Bake

Odessa’s Jewish community in Ukraine held last week a moving celebration for women, which included a huge challah bake, dancing, a children’s concert and more. Over 400 women participated, many together with their children, baking hundreds of challahs and enjoying the special warm community atmosphere of the event.

“Baking challah, the bread for Shabbat, signifies the important role of the Jewish woman, who has the power to inspire, teach, lead, support and nurture those around her,” said Mrs. Chaya Wolf, one of the leaders of Odessa’s community.  “The evening gave us a chance to come together, chat, enjoy and get inspired by all the wonderful women around us,” Chana, one of the participants told the local TV news program.

While the women kneaded the dough, children of all ages enjoyed an amusing entertainment show. The evening proceeded with a concert by the children of FJC’s local Or Avner school, and a musical performance by singer Tatiana Amirova. Dancing and a festive supper followed.



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