“Operation Glasses” in Ukraine: Thousands of Pairs for the Jewish Communities

One year into the crisis in Ukraine, the country’s Jews have been informed that RestoringVision a large American organization has decided to donate thousands of pairs of glasses • Experienced opticians will tour the Jewish communities and make adjustments and take measurements • The special project is organized by JRNU, FJC’s humanitarian arm in Ukraine and joins many other initiatives benefiting the Jewish communities.

Many of Ukraine’s Jews have entered the circle of poverty and are facing poverty as a result of the ongoing crisis, reducing their expenses to the absolute minimum and being unable to invest even in basic needs such as eyeglasses.

“The operation will make it easier for families to get glasses that match their needs and improve their vision without spending money they don’t have,” says Simcha Levanhartz, who is coordinating the project on behalf of JRNU, Chabad’s rescue center in Ukraine.

Implementing the project on the ground is a complex issue, due to the need to personally adjust the appropriate glasses for each person. Hence, the community rabbis and Chabad emissaries have been busily circulating registration forms to all the communities, making sure everybody can enjoy this unique project.

Every week, a team of specialist opticians will visit a different community, and perform adjustments and tests for those needing new glasses.



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