‘Or Menachem’ FJC Online Learning Software Goes Global

FJC’s Online Learning Software was created several years ago to serve Jewish students living in remote areas across Ukraine, Russia, and the former Soviet Union. Up to recent times, it was exclusively used by its ‘Or Menachem’ online school. However, recently, it has extended its reach to hundreds of Jewish schools across the globe to help them create an online study program during the coronavirus epidemic. This remarkable utilization of the software was made possible thanks to a special grant from the Keren Hayesod Foundation, aimed at assisting world Jewry during these times of crisis.

The FJC’s unique online software enables the students and teachers to interact as if in a regular class, with the added value of interactive books, games, and other state-of-the-art functions, all intended to create a user friendly and stimulating learning environment.

With the outbreak of the epidemic, the need to close down the educational institutions across the world became apparent. Schools and educational networks worldwide from locations such as the USA, Brazil, Hungary, Israel and many more, approached the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS, asking to use the online software to teach thousands of children. The FJC rose to the challenge and, with the help of a grant provided by Keren Hayesod, purchased enough servers and equipment to meet their needs.

As a result, hundreds of classes for thousands of Jewish children transferred to online teaching, allowing them to continue to bring Jewish values and knowledge to their students despite the limitations, isolation and quarantine imposed across the globe to prevent further infection by the deadly virus.

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