Passover Campaign Launched to Meet the Needs of Every FSU Jew

Ahead of Passover, the Federation of Jewish communities of the CIS (FJC) is running a fundraising campaign to provide needy FSU Jews with food product necessities for the holiday. In addition, the raised funds will also help sponsor more free-of-charge dinner places at community seders throughout the region. 

“Every year we make a special emphasis on Passover, as the holiday of freedom and dignity, to provide the needy Jewish children, families, and seniors in the FSU with the means to be included in holiday celebrations and honour it in a respectable manner,’ said Mr. Daniel Gordon, FJC outreach coordinator. “And this year, as always, the wider Jewish public can become our partner in granting them this chance. Don’t just imagine how magnificent your Passover table would be if somebody else was celebrating thanks to you. Simply make it a reality by donating directly to them!” Mr. Gordon said.

The FJC campaign will run from now till the holiday itself, and all the funds raised will go towards including every FSU Jew in the celebrations and making sure no one is left behind. 

Click here to join and donate! 

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