Passover in Irkutsk – one example out of hundreds

Preparations for Passover began in Irkutsk well before the actual holiday itself. Immediately after Purim, Matzah began selling in the synagogue. During  that month, over 2 tons of matzah was sold to community members. When they came to buy the Matzah they had to option of selling their Chametz, which over 500 people did.

At the same time over 700 letters were sent to Jewish home in Irkutsk, inviting them to the seder and to all the Pesach services in the Synagogue.

The first seder took place in the synagogue prayer hall, the tables were covered beautifully and over 100 people purchased tickets to come. Rabbi Aharon Wagner explained the haggadah and the congregants followed his lead fulfilling the seder step by step. Up until the candle lighting there was media coverage, both television and newspaper

The second night a small seder was hosted at Rabbi wagners home, where the guests sat until 2 am discussing the hagaddah.


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