Passover Seminar Gives Ukraine Jewish Students a Holiday to Remember

STARS Ukraine continues its mission to connect every Jewish student and young professional to Judaism and, despite the overwhelming crisis, managed to give more than fifty students from across Ukraine a Passover seminar of the highest possible level.

The nine-day seminar which enabled its participants to observe Passover according to tradition, took place in a luxury hotel in the Carpathian Mountains far from the turmoil and havoc the country is suffering from.

Accompanying the seminar, which included high-profile Seder nights, joint prayers, lectures and classes, trips and attractions, chassidic gatherings, music, and amusement, was Rabbi Pinchas Wishedsky, director of STARS Ukraine, together with Rebbitzin Dina and their family.

“This is my first-ever kosher Passover and it was packed with so much content and charm,” one of the participants explained at an open symposium on the last day of the seminar. “Without this wonderful seminar, it simply wouldn’t have happened. Thank you, everyone, for giving me such a deep opportunity to connect to my roots and nation.”

For many Jewish students across Ukraine, observing the Passover traditions at home is a delicate and complex issue, not to say challenging and sometimes unaffordable. Thus, the Passover for Students intuitive was created years back, in order to accommodate every student who wishes to experience a kosher and meaningful Passover.

The project was made possible thanks to the JRNU, Chabad and FJC’s humanitarian arm in Ukraine directed by Rabbi Shlomi Peles, the dedication of Rabbi Avi Cassel from the global STARS organization, and FJC’s YAHAD youth organization.

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