Petersburg: Jewish Business Club Inaugurates New Headquarters

After seven years of intense activity, Petersburg’s Jewish Business Club recently opened its new headquarters in the heart of the city’s famous Choral Synagogue. The Israel Consul General, the Chief Rabbi, the Chairman of the community, and dozens of leading businessmen from across the city participated in the inauguration event.

Initiated seven years ago by community rabbi and activist Shaul Brook, the Jewish business club has served as an activity center for businessmen, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists, from all walks of life living in the city. The clubs’ activity enables them to network, develop connections and enjoy varied social and spiritual activities suited to their unique style and needs.

The club meetings include lectures from leading figures and dignitaries, on topics such as economics, law, and business, trips and voyages to leading destinations, holiday gatherings and events, network meetings, and joint projects.

Following the initiative of one of the club members, offices within the center of Jewish life in Petersburg were renovated and redesigned to serve as the project’s headquarters.

During the event, the participants were presented with an activity report, a mezuzah was affixed, the plaque was unveiled, and the architect, contractor, and the project manager were acclaimed for their devoted efforts.

“The business club,” says Rabbi Brook, “is a warm home for so many special individuals who are committed to the welfare of their brethren across the city and country and lead an intensive and demanding lifestyle. Our club gives them an opportunity to take a meaningful and informative break, and socialize and develop business relationships with Jews with similar interests, leading them to new horizons and to the development and flourishing of the community.”

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