Prayers for the Safety of Israel: Jewish FSU Gathers in Solidarity

Thousands of Jewish community members across the former Soviet Union gathered in hundreds of synagogues and community centers over the past few days to pray for the safety and well-being of the people of Israel, a speedy recovery for the injured, and to remember the hundreds who lost their lives. Kaddish and Psalms were recited.

Jews from all walks of life came together during these past days to pray for the triumph of light over darkness and peace over terror. These prayer gatherings occurred in synagogues, Jewish community centers, educational institutions, private homes, and various other locations in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Estonia, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and other FSU countries.

The prayers were led by FJC and Chabad rabbis and were attended by thousands who joined to demonstrate their solidarity with the people of Israel and to express their concern and shock at the unimaginable bloodshed.

Additional prayers will be held in the coming days in various communities and institutions, along with local initiatives being developed to assist the nation of Israel.

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