Purim FSU 2024: Joy and Pride Along With Tension and Discomfort

Tens of thousands of Jews across the former Soviet Union celebrated the joyous festival of Purim last Sunday in hundreds of communal events, happenings, banquets, and parties organized by the representatives of the Federation of Jewish Communities (FJC) and Chabad emissaries. Special precautions were taken in Ukraine to ensure the safety of the participants, while in Russia, musical events were canceled in the shadow of the Moscow terror attack.

Symbolizing the historic and miraculous triumph over tyranny and radical anti-Semitic hatred in the times of Hamman and King Achashverosh, FSU Jewry gathered to joyously observe the festival’s four traditional commandments in unity, genuine pride, hope, and prayer for better times locally and in Israel.

In Ukraine, due to the ongoing crisis, the organizers took steps to ensure the safety of the celebrators and invested time and effort to reach out to families and individuals even in the most remote villages and districts. In Russia, following the call of Chief Rabbi Lazar, musical events were canceled in the shadow of the horrific terrorist attack, and focus was given to the fulfillment of the four unique traditions: reading of Esther’s Megillah, charity to the poor, food parcels to friends, and a Purim banquet.

Across the rest of the FSU and the Baltic Countries, celebrations included special events participated in by masses, in addition to pre-Purim classes and lectures, informal educational activities and parties, children’s rallies and gatherings, special club meetings for youth, the elderly, women, and students, and much more, taking place across the entire FSU.

Thousands of Purim kits and special food parcels were distributed to needy families and individuals before Purim, ensuring that everyone could celebrate with a deep sense of connection and belonging.

As the festival came to an end, preparations for Passover took full swing, and efforts were made so that every Jew across the vast lands would be able to celebrate in dignity and honor despite all hardships.


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