Rabbis and Educators Gather at Conferences throughout Russia

Over the past few weeks, three conferences took place in Russia for Rabbis and educators. The first conference was in Moscow, the capital city, and hosted approximately 40 Rabbis that represent the Jewish communities in and around Moscow. The second conference took place in the JCC of Ufa, and hosted Rabbis from Jewish communities throughout Russia. The third conference was for rabbinical educators in the Moscow region.

Those gathered enjoyed connecting with friends and colleagues, sharing stories and giving and receiving support and advice. Throughout the year, these Rabbis and educators are called upon to give spiritual, emotional, financial and educational support to the members of their communities and students, many of whom are living under less than ideal circumstances. As leaders, they must constantly use their emotional, physical and creative energy to meet their communities various needs as well as securing funding for humanitarian, educational and religious programming.

At the conferences, those gathered listened to lectures giving them ideas, encouragement and inspiration to continue their important work.

Rabbi Alexander Boroda, the President of the FJC greeted those gathered in Moscow and shared some invaluable leadership advice. Reb Yehuda Davidov introduced a new project in which holiday food parcels distributed to needy families in honor of Purim and Passover, can be utilized further. There were many other lectures covering interesting and relevant subjects.

The Moscow conferences were arranged by Rabbi Mordechai Weisberg, who guides, advises and supports Rabbis throughout the FSU together with Rabbi Berel Lazar, the Chief Rabbi of Russia.

“We need to remember that those who are in leadership roles need a chance to re energize and connect with like minded individuals,” said Rabbi Mordechai Weisberg, “that is the goal of these conferences, to give the leaders of the Jewish communities in Russia a chance to refuel so that they can continue their important work feeling supported and connected.”

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