Rare Documentation: Jewish Kosher ‘Shechita’ in Ukraine despite Crisis

Despite the harsh reality and challenging logistics, Ukrainian Rabbis have carried out kosher shechita of poultry and meat, ensuring that the country’s remaining large Jewish population will be able to continue consuming strictly kosher food at a low price.

Since the outbreak of the crisis in Ukraine, tens of thousands of Jewish refugees have fled to Israel and various countries around the world. However, many more Jews remain behind in the country, for various reasons, and are unable to leave. In the Jewish communities across the land, many efforts are being made to continue to care for them.

Today, we received a special collection of photos documenting the preparation of kosher poultry and cattle for the Jews of Ukraine.

In the documentation, a small staff from the Kashrut Committee in Ukraine ‘UK’, directed by Rabbi Pinchas Wishetzky, is carrying out their mission despite the danger in a factory in Kremenchuk, located right next to the city of Kharkiv, and also at the cattle factory in the town of Ternopil.

“Conducting kosher shechita during these turbulent days involves enormous effort and even life-risking dedication,” concluded the head of the team Rabbi Yehoshua Wishetzky. “We have experienced great miracles throughout this special operation aimed at enabling Ukrainian Jews to obtain kosher meat with ease, despite the difficult situation. “

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