Record breaker: 1,000 Personal Mishlochei Manot Delivered via Ukrainian Post

Since many of the roads are now in a poor state, Rabbi Nachum Tamarin, FJC’s rabbi to the small and remote villages and towns in Western and Central Ukraine, sent 1,000 Purim food parcels to Jewish families and individuals through the local mail

In honor of Purim and despite the ongoing crisis, Rabbi Nachum Tamarin, Chabad’s emissary and FJC’s representative to the remote villages across Ukraine, decided to continue his mission and reach out to one thousand Jewish families.

Rabbi Tamarin realized that this year he would not be able to distribute the parcels personally or with the help of volunteers. He understood that in order to deliver parcels to all the Jews in the villages, he would have to use the Ukrainian postal service.

Therefore, Rabbi Tamarin packed a thousand Mishlochi Manot ready for shipment, which were sent to him ahead of time by the JRNU, Chabad and FJC’s rescue and humanitarian aid arm in Ukraine. On each package, he wrote the exact address according to prearranged lists.

“Food parcels are always heartwarming to receive,” says Rabbi Tamarin, “but when you live in a remote village in Ukraine, especially during the current situation, it is much more than that. The joy is very great.

“We included rattles, wine, hamentashen, a scroll of Megilat Esther and other Purim items in each parcel.”

And that’s not all. Rabbi Tamarin organized Purim parties in 53 centers. “We sent refreshments, sausages, bottles of wine and juice, and more to the parties. In some places, we also organized visits by young rabbis and volunteers on our behalf.”

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