Record Snowfall in Moscow: Chesed Center Increases Activity

After record snowfall in Moscow leaving 1 dead and others injured, the Shaarei Tzedek Jewish Chesed Center has increased activities for those in need.

Moscow, the capital of Russia is used to the cold and snow. But in the last few days, all records were broken as snow fell continuously and piled up to great heights. This has made public transportation and walking extremely difficult for the general public, and all the more so for the elderly and needy population.

More than two hundred trees collapsed, one person was killed and a few were rushed to the hospital by the local rescue efforts.

“Shaarei Tzedek”, the Jewish Chesed Center, which works all year to help thousands of elderly Jews in Moscow, has increased its activities during these difficult days. Especially warm cooked meals sent to the housebound who cannot go out and get food for themselves. All calls for help are answered by the volunteers manning the hotline and are taken care of by the dedicated staff and fleet of cars of the Chesed Center.

“Shaarei Tzedek” was founded by the Chief Rabbi of Russia, Rabbi Berel Lazar, and it includes dozens of different charities which offer assistance in every possible sphere. Its administration and staff, as well as hundreds of volunteers, are constantly fueled and encouraged by Rabbi Lazar to continue their mission of helping others, seeking to enlarge and expand their areas of assistance in order to help as many people as possible throughout the nation’s capital.

The regular distribution of food packages continues despite the bitter cold and piles of snow. Warm blankets, portable heaters, and window sealing kits to help the elderly are being added to the packages these days.

The spacious and impressive building in the heart of the Marina Roscha neighborhood continues to offer its services, as usual, providing state of the art medical facilities, distribution of medication and warm clothing, as well as various clubs and classes for senior citizens.

Preparations for the holidays of Purim and Pesach are now underway. They will include concerts, megilla readings, distribution of food baskets and matza, as well as public Pesach seders.


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