Redefining what “Day Camp” means

If you love young children, summer and camp – then the summer camp in Ulyanovsk, Russia, is just for you redefining what Day camp can achieve. Come watch a fun gallery of trips, activities, culinary & crafts.

And if you happen to be curious, then this is the full list of attractions one small Day Camp in Russia granted their campers – truly a summer experience for life:

Trips: Airplane Museum; Movie theater; Horseback riding; Science Museum; Trip to the ice cream factory; Amusement park; Bowling; Sports in the park. Crafts: Making wallets; Making birthday cards; Making the city of Jerusalem out of paper and material; Making photo frames; Making plates; Decorating T-shirts; Decorating Kipot; Beads key-chains; Paper mezuzah’s; charity box decorating.

Culinary: Cake decorating; Baking rainbow cupcakes; Challah braiding and baking (Every Friday); Baking zebra cookies; Making a fruit salad and vegetable salad; Making our own taffies; Making Sushi. Activities: Clown entertainment; “Trip to Israel” – with a “tour guide” (their counselor) All done through pictures and videos; “Cut the chocolate” Game; Birthday Party; Popcorn game; Writing notes for the Western wall; Cycle of life game; Sports; Capture the counselor; Day of contests and sports with another camp; Dodge ball; Lemonade game; Karate; Coin hunt; Mock wedding; Huge chess game; Puppet theater.



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