Russian Jewish leaders meet Israeli Prime Minister as part of solidarity visit

Russia’s Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar, the founder and president of the FJC Mr. Lev Leviev, and other influential Jewish leaders, businessmen and philanthropists from Russia and the CIS met with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday. The meeting was part of the delegation’s week-long solidarity trip to Israel.
Speaking to the head of the Jewish State, Rabbi Berel Lazar said that the main purpose of the visit was to increase business cooperation between the two countries and to show solidarity with Israel in its fight against the recent wave of terror.
 “We are here to show the deep empathy of the Jewish Diaspora to the latest tragic incidents in Israel, ” Rabbi Lazar said. “The ideology of terrorism cannot win and to demonstrate it we’ve also decided to visit those locations where terror has struck in recent weeks.” He added that “strong diaspora means strong Israel and only together we can win the fight against terrorism.”
The Prime Minster thanked Rabbi Lazar and members of the delegation for their support. He also acknowledged the efforts of Mr. Leviev and fellow philanthropists and business leaders in strengthening the Jewish communities in the diaspora. 
“Mr Leviev, your contribution to Jewish education and enforcement of ties between Jewish communities and Israel is immeasurable. I also want to thank Mr. Michael Mirilashvili, who joined in on these efforts and all others present here,” said Netanyahu. 
Mr. Leviev told the Prime Minister that it is in this very moment that Israel most needs the support of Jews everywhere and called on  Jews worldwide to visit Israel and show unity. “This is the safest place in the world for Jews,” he said.
During its ‘pilgrimage’ in Israel the delegation traveled to the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron, Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem, and the Western Wall tunnels in Jerusalem, all of them Judaism’s holy places. 
The visit ended with prayers at the Western Wall and a festive dinner organized by Mr. Michael Mirilashvili. Speaking that evening before the guests, he said that it is imperative to destroy the infrastructure of terror, and most of all its inhumane ideology. “Nothing can instill fear in the Nation of Israel and replete its determination in building the future here, in the Holy Land,” emphasized Mirilashvili. 
Photos by: Yehezkel Itkin, Chaim Zach and לע”מ

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