Russian Jews will help project synagogues and opening Jewish museums in Europe

Moscow, August 26, Interfax – European rabbis borrow from Russia its experience of building community centers and Jewish museums and Russian Jews will help them in it.

“The Jewish Museum and Center of Tolerance in Moscow, its technological experience, archives, historical documents, other communities (of Europe – IF) took it for axiom for setting up such museums in their countries. We shall cooperate with them and help them in some questions,” president of the Federation of the Jewish Communities of Russia Alexander Boroda told the journalists in the frames of the Summit of European Rabbis held in the Moscow Jewish Community Center.

He notes that some synagogues and community centers in Europe are often old, they were built long ago, while a lot of new synagogues are constructed in Russia, new architectural decisions are applied.

“It was very interesting for rabbis. Development of new architectural decisions to house youth centers, synagogues in new architectural traditions, it is one of the most actual cooperation,” Boroda said resuming the resuming the results of the conference.

According to him, the FJCR shared its experience of cooperating with authorities, as “it is better than in European countries.”

“Question of interconfessional dialogue are more advanced in Russia than in other countries and we are glad to share our experience,” Boroda said.

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