Shavuot Celebrations Inspire FSU Communities

Thousands of Jewish community members throughout the FSU, participated in Shavuot holiday festivities that took place in the beginning of this week.

Shavuot celebrations carry a signature mark of all-night learning, milk delicacies and flower decorations. Hence there was no shortage of lectures and engaging study programs, pre-holiday baking and bouquet workshops, children’s activities and ice-cream parties. And of course festive meals and services, where all those who came could listen to the reading of the Ten Commandments.

From Kiev to Riga, every FJC community held a festive event, with special attention reserved for the needy and the elderly. FJC’s ‘Or Avner’ schools and kindergartens included Shavuot celebrations in their graduation parties, while for the camps in the FJC’s ‘Gan Israel’ network Shavuot was the first major event since the opening of the season.

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