Siberia: Dancing despite the freezing weather

Despite a temperature of -32 Celsius (-25.6 F) outside, the local Jewish community of the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk celebrated the inauguration of a new Torah Scroll last Thursday that was welcomed into the ‘Tabchinik’ Synagogue with singing and dancing.

The special event was attended by guests from around the world, Mr. Michal Abrhamov from Abakan (400 Kilometers away) who donated the new Torah, Rabbis and dignitaries, hundreds of community members and a band arriving from Israel.

After the last letters were filled in by the donor and the deputy governor Mr. Sergei Fonomarinko, the participants danced their way out into the streets despite the incredible cold, and then returned for more dancing and a festive dinner indoors. [nggallery id=175]

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