Siberia: Long Weekend Shabbaton-Seminar Unites Jewish Teens

Over fifty Jewish teenagers from across the remote region gathered in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk for an uplifting and enriching long-weekend seminar and Shabbaton organized by FJC’s Jewish Youth movement, EnerJew. Unity. Jewish pride and identity, were the focus of the events.

For Jewish teenagers, scattered across the different cities of Siberia in relatively small communities, an opportunity to meet and make new friends is a real reason for celebration. In addition, the opportunity to attend, together with a vibrant team of mentors, charismatic rabbis, and lecturers, an authentic Shabbaton packed with experiences, is an even greater reason to celebrate.

Hosted by the Jewish community of Krasnoyarsk, headed by Rabbi Binyamin and Mrs. Dina Wagner, the participants enjoyed a four-day weekend composed of social games, classes, lectures, amusement, attractions, prayers, special Shabbat meals, experiences, and much more.

The seminar was organized by FJC’s Jewish Youth movement, EnerJew, which operates flourishing Jewish youth clubs in many of Siberia’s major cities throughout the entire year.

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