Siberia: New Torah Scroll Inaugurated in Jewish Tomsk

Hundreds of community members, dignitaries, and guests, participated this Sunday in the festive inauguration ceremony of a brand new Torah Scroll to the Great Synagogue and JCC in the Siberian city of Tomsk, located on the Tom River.

Despite plans to hold the inauguration ceremony nearly two years ago, the event was postponed until now because of covid-19 restrictions. This is a very suitable time for such an event since it is just before the special holiday of Shavuot, in which the Torah was given thousands of years ago on Mount Sinai.

The event began with the writing of the scroll’s last letters, and continued with a festive parade throughout the city’s streets accompanied by joyful singing, dancing, and music.

Then, the participants introduced the new Torah into the synagogue in an uplifting ceremony that ended with a special meal in honor of the event. In parallel, special amusing activities took place for the community’s children.

“Although this is already the sixth Torah scroll inaugurated in our community,” said the city’s Chief Rabbi Levi Kaminetski, “the excitement in the air was amazing. Everyone felt a strong sense of unity and belonging, and the deep and genuine importance in preserving and enhancing our connection to Jewish tradition and heritage.”

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